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Andrea Larmor -  Artist 

Artist Statement

Capturing a moment, or creating a narrative that makes the viewer pause and reflect on life is my artistic aspiration.  Every piece I create is both a challenge for me to express my ideas and to grow artistis technical skills.  I enjoy using water colors, oil paints and experimenting with gold leaf or embroidery trying new things sometimes just for fun and curiosity. 

About the artist

In 1982 I was asked to be the create props for Airport Playhouse.  Then in 1983 I was asked to join the staff as the art teacher at St. Peter’s by the Sea Episcopal Day School.  A position I held for 30 years.  So, art became my vocation and advocation.  While teaching others I learned to analyze art pieces more thoroughly and question what makes a piece of artwork great and not just ordinary.

I am currently taking portraiture  and still life classes at The Atelier at Flowerfield

I have recently joined the organization Women Sharing Art.  

I hope you enjoy my art and visit my upcoming exhibitions.





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