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Time Gone.  It is an illusion to think we can capture time

oil paint 19w 23h 


The Apples are at it again!  This time it is Apple products that are offering knowledge.

17h x 14w oil


 Carousel   If you don't like the horse you are on change horses. 

23h 27w oil paint


 Guardian of the Earth  Giving Mother Nature an assist.

23w 20h oil paint


Into the Dream  What do your dreams mean?

oil Paint

framed $390.00

Ideal Beauty?  Botticelli revisited. What is it we want in a woman?  Is it a Barbie doll, designer clothed and showered in cash? 



Apocalyptic Sphere  The earth is a fragile and beautiful place at a climatic tipping point.

18x 18 oil paint


Larmor  Motherhood The Most Undervalued Profession 17h 23w $400.00.jpg

The Good Mother  Steadfast, loyal, unassuming, and humble



Distance   Absorbed in our electronic world we are worlds away,

while still in the same room.

25.5w 20h pencil


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